European Agritel Crop Tour

  • Come with us on Crop-Tour and get the certified crop forecast made by Agritel 3 weeks before the harvest

  • Experience and discover the agricultural potential for these major market players

  • Meet with local grain operators and widen your international network

  • Participate in field counting’s using our certified methodology

Come with us!
  • 11-15 of April 2022 – Crop Tour in Romania

Our Crop Tour Destinations


  • Visit of Odessa harbour, incl. local processing facilities of oilseeds

  • Visit of a self-sustaining organic dairy farm

  • Participation in a field day, with the occasion to discuss with local farmers

  • Meeting with a directing agricultural engineer of an international agro-holding


  • Visit of an international agro-holding with more than 5000 ha, growing cereals, rapeseed and sunflower

  • Meeting with representatives of the first cooperative in Romania

  • Visit of an average Romanian farm with 50 ha


  • Visit of a grain elevator

  • Meeting with a seed manufacturer

  • Meeting with an agronomist or a manager of a big agro-holding in Russia

  • Better understanding of the agricultural picture

Come with us!