Winter planting results

Crop conditions, acreages, and weather models summed up to depict the wheat production potential before winter.


Crop conditions after Winter

How did crops pull through the cold season? Analysis of yield potentials to narrow down the production estimation.


Crop Tours in Romania, Ukraine, Germany & Russia

Touring the country while taking samples and talking to operators. The following report derives the production potential.


4 countries, 3 reports each

"Follow up the cereal campaign in Europe." – This has been the goal of the European Agritel Tour since its launch in 2015. The EAT-Team is travelling major European wheat producers in order to provide first-hand information and profound regional analyses. The result of each tour, conducted in December, April, and June respectively, is an updated assessment of a country’s wheat production potential. It is investigated, if current market expectations actually answer to the reality in the fields.

In order to provide high-quality information, a scientific research methodology has been developed, assuring a coherent investigation of the production outlook. Enhanced by agronomic climate modelling, exhaustive quarterly analyses allow for a reliable follow-up of each country’s wheat production. Results are made available by three reports published in December, April, and June.

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What is the EAT Crop Tour?

What is a crop tour ?

During our EAT crop tour, each country’s most important wheat production areas will be visited. They are chosen according to their production potential and yield variation. Besides the sampling based on a methodology validated by Agritel, meetings with local operators will enrich and proof findings so finally a potential yield and production will be calculated one month before the harvest. The result is a qualified estimation of the respective national wheat production.

What is in for you ?

  • Get first-hand production evaluations – before harvest and based on a qualified methodology
  • Collect valuable information for your internal use: the progress of crop development, quality aspects, regional specificities
  • Exchange with local operators and take the opportunity to network
  • Acquire agronomical knowledge
  • Experience each country’s agricultural sector

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Romania became Europe‘s most important newcomer in the international grain trade. However, transparency on its agricultural market is still limited.

  • Visit of an international agro-holding with more than 5 000 ha, growing cereals, rapeseed, and sunflower
  • Meeting with representatives of the first cooperative in Romania
  • Sampling in the fields, accompanied by local farmers
  • Visit of an average Romanian farm with 50 ha

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Ukraine is increasing its performance in farming and logistics. But a high fluctuation of yields remains a major challenge.

  • Visit of Odessa harbour, incl. local processing facilities of oilseeds
  • Visit of a self-sustaining organic dairy farm
  • Participation in a field day, with the occasion to discuss with local farmers
  • Meeting with a directing agricultural engineer of an international agro-holding

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Russia is the price maker of world wheat prices. It has not reached its full production potential yet. The export potential is huge, EAT will help to better assess this dynamic.

  • Visit of a grain terminal in one of the biggest port
  • Meeting with a seed manufacturer
  • Meeting with an agronomist or a manager of a big agro-holding in Russia
  • The program will allow a better understanding of the agricultural picture and limiting factors on development in the country

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The EU’s second largest exporter is specialised in the production of high-quality wheat. It’s agricultural sector is highly specialised but twofold and heterogeneous.

  • Guided tour at Hamburg harbour incl. the visit of export silos
  • Visit of a family farm in Southern Germany, specialised in dairy and cereals
  • Meeting with a private grain trader from central growing areas
  • Visit of a highly diversified farm of 5000ha, incl. cereal and energy production

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Kilometers travelled


Areas visited


Operators met

Clients' Testimonials

The EAT crop tour gives a very precise insight on crop conditions. It helped us on our evaluation of yield potentials and assessment of the agricultural landscape. The hands-on experience in the fields as well as our meetings with local producers very much enhanced my agronomical understanding.

It was very well organised, in terms of logistics as well as methodology. This is a great experience to discover a country, to evaluate the production potential, to meet operators ... What an outstanding year for UA winter crops! Warm winter was called a miracle drug. It is more than pictures, you must live this experience!

The EAT reports throughout the year offered me a well-evaluated and continued assessment of the harvest potential in Romania, Ukraine, and Germany. Thanks to an adequate methodology used in the reports, I can rely on them to challenge my own estimations. I highly appreciated the daily updates during the various crop tours.

Our offer

Single EAT Reports

1500 € 750 € / RU 500 € / RO, UA, DE
  • 1 country
  • 3 reports
  • (Dec 17, Apr 18, June/July 18)

Full EAT Reports

4850 € 2250 €
  • 4 countries
  • 12 reports (3 each)
  • (Dec 17, Apr 18, June/July 18)

EAT Crop Tour (RO, UA, DE)

2500 € SOLD OUT
  • Crop Tour (1 week in the car)
  • 5 Daily reports
  • 1 Crop tour report

EAT Crop Tour (Russia)

3250 € SOLD OUT
  • Crop Tour (1 week in van)
  • 5 Daily reports
  • 1 Crop tour report

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